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DeepSweep for CALEA

The industry's first self-contained solution for Broadband and VoIP CALEA compliance.

The DeepSweep-1 for CALEA is a high-performance, self-contained network surveillance system with Broadband and VoIP compliance. Ideal for small and medium-sized cable operators, ISPs and VoIP networks, a single DeepSweep system functions as the complete CALEA compliance solution, providing the probe, mediation/delivery, and administration functions - most commonly implemented as separate devices. Furthermore, DeepSweep offers users compliance and safe harbor by implementing multiple industry standards, including ATIS-1000013-2007 (T1.IAS), ATIS-1000021, T1.678 v2, and CableLabs CBIS.

DeepSweep has the capability to fully inspect every network packet, so it doesn't need to rely on switches, routers, or other probes for discovery, filtering, or intercept. Broadband DeepSweep users have unprecedented flexibility in expressing subject ids, including username/text (via UTF-8 and other encodings), MAC address, IPv4/IPv6 address, and DHCP option 82 and VoIP users can select from name@host, name@IPv4/IPv6 address, phone@host, and tel:phone. DeepSweep also has the ability to specify/limit the discovery protocol, including RADIUS, IPCP, CHAP, DHCP, and PPPoE.

DeepSweep for CALEA comes in three basic models. The first two are for  Broadband Internet Access and Services CALEA compliance.  They adhere to either Cablelabs® CBIS or ATIS-1000013.2007 (or both)  and includes many key features, such as the ability to specify subject IDs as MAC addresses, IP addresses, DHCP option 82 IDs, subject IDs via text string, pen-register, trap-and-trace, and full content intercepts.  Both models will seamlessly integrate with with the DeepSweep Secure Buffered Delivery systems or other buffering systems that comply with either the CBIS BIF functionality or the ATIS-1000021 specification.  

The second DeepSweep model is for VoIP CALEA compliance.  It adheres to ATIS T1.678 and includes key features such as the ability to specify subject IDs by host, address, or telephone, pen-register, trap-and-trace, full content intercepts, and fully configurable collection device addresses. 

All DeepSweep for CALEA models support multiple concurrent cases, each with potentially multiple subjects and each dynamically updatable.  Additionally, models can easily be configured for both VoIP and broadband CALEA compliance.

DeepSweep for CALEA systems are only available to authorized US service providers and government organizations.


Enabled for the Future

The DeepSweep-1 for CALEA system includes many underlying capabilities necessary for future CALEA standards and other surveillance uses. For example, each system includes 500GB-1000GB (model dependent) of disk storage. Since the system is also software upgradable, it is easily upgraded to support buffered delivery mechanisms, such as ATIS-1000021.


Built on an Established Platform

Based on IP Fabrics' innovative Surveillance Module architecture and underlying patent-pending multi core virtualization technology, DeepSweep-1 provides many unique advantages over PC-based or hard-wired ASIC/FPGA-based surveillance systems.

DeepSweep-1's internal host processor and multi-core packet inspection accelerators allow it to monitor multiple 1Gbps Ethernet links at true wire-speed with full layer2-7 inspection capabilities.

The DeepSweep-1 for CALEA is configured using a set of intuitive, browser-based configuration screens, geared towards a network operator executing and intercept court order.

The surveillance system can also be extended via value-added Surveillance Modules (SMs), which are easily configured by the user. Multiple SMs can be chained together to form complex surveillance logic assemblies.

The DeepSweep-1for CALEA can be extended via the following SMs:

  • Packet Traffic: individual layer 3-7 packet analysis at the network/protocol level
  • Packet Flow: layer 3-7 flow-based analysis at the network/protocol level
  • Sub IP: layer 2/2+ (e.g., Ethernet, PPPoE, MPLS) analysis
  • Unusual Traffic: malformed packets, improper fragments, protocol anomalies, etc.
  • Netflow/IPIX: analysis of Netflow records from routers and other equipment
  • sFlow: analysis of sFlow records from switches
  • DNS: protocol-specific analysis of DNS lookups
  • User Connection: protocol-specific analysis of user login/authentication IP address assignment
  • SIP/RTP Intercept: protocol-specific analysis of SIP messages and subsequent RTP flows
  • Email: protocol-specific analysis of common email protocols (e.g., SMTP) and email content

For complete specifications on the DeepSweep for CALEA network surveillance system, please refer to the DeepSweep for CALEA Datasheet, DeepSweep for CALEA w/CBIS Datasheet, and DeepSweep Secure Buffered Delivery Datasheet,

For more information about Network Surveillance using DeepSweep, please refer to the IP Network Surveillance White paper.

For information on how the DeepSweep achieves is high performance, please refer to the DeepSweep Performance white paper in our White Papers and Briefs page.

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