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DeepSweep-1 and DeepSweep-10

The Industry's only self-contained network surveillance systems for 1Gbps and 10Gbps IP networks

The DeepSweep-1 and DeepSweep-10 are very powerful, configurable appliances for inspecting network traffic and appropriately acting on traffic of interest. Traffic can be inspected at all layers of network protocols using complex constructs such as protocol filters, complex classification databases, white/black host lists, and signature databases. Once interesting traffic has been detected, the DeepSweep provides a flexible set of actions, such as recording the traffic in a local file, encapsulating and transmitting the packet to another computer, generating SNMP alerts, transmitting to a local or remote Surveillance Module, passing to a locally-residing user application, or simply reflecting out a network port.

1 Gbps and 10Gbps Models, Scalable Architecture

Based on IP Fabric’s innovative Surveillance Module™ architecture and underlying patent-pending multi-core virtualization technology,

DeepSweep provides many unique advantages over PC-based or hard-wired ASIC-based surveillance systems. DeepSweep’s internal host processor and multi-core packet inspection accelerators allow it to monitor multiple 1Gbps (DeepSweep-1 Model) and 10Gbps (DeepSweep-10 Model)  Ethernet links at true wirespeed with full layer 2-7 DPI  capabilities.

The innovative Surveillance Module architecture enables DeepSweep to be used as a stand-alone network surveillance system, in conjunction with other security/surveillance systems (e.g., as a pre-filter), and even supports hosting user-applications on the system processor. The highly scalable architecture allows multiple DeepSweeps to be configured in parallel or pipelined, as well as enabling remote systems to share learned information such as dynamic IP addresses assignment and VoIP call establishment information.

Both DeepSweep models are configured using a set of intuitive, browser-based configuration screens, enabling complex surveillance logic to be configured directly at the protocol level or at the much higher application level.

Logical surveillance functions are grouped into Surveillance Modules (SMs), which are easily configured by the user. Multiple SMs can be chained together to form complex surveillance logic assemblies.

The DeepSweep systems have the following SMs*:

  • Packet Traffic: individual layer 3-7 packet analysis at the network/protocol level
  • Packet Flow: layer 3-7 flow-based analysis at the network/protocol level
  • Sub IP: layer 2/2+ (e.g., Ethernet, PPPoE, MPLS) analysis
  • User Connection: protocol-specific analysis of user login/authentication IP address assignment
  • T1.678V2 VoIP CALEA: standards-based, CALEA compliant intercept for SIP-based VoIP
  • T1.IAS Broadband CALEA: standards-based, CALEA compliant intercept and buffering for broadband data
  • CBIS CALEA: standards-based, CALEA-complaint intercept and buffering for broadband data

(* lawful intercept and CALEA SMs only available to authorized US servcie providers and government agencies)

For complete specifications on DeepSweep-1 and DeepSweep-10, please refer to the DeepSweep Datasheet.

For more information about Network Surveillance using DeepSweep, please refer to the IP Network Surveillance Whitepaper.

For information on how the DeepSweep achieves is high performance, please refer to the DeepSweep Performance white paper in our White Papers and Briefs page.

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