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PPL Workbench

Reduce NPU Application Development Time Using the PPL Workbench

To complement the PPL Compiler, IP Fabrics offers a state-of-the-art debug and simulation environment. The PPL Workbench is fully integrated with the PPL Compiler in an Eclipse-based user interface. The PPL Workbench enables PPL writers to compile, debug, and execute PPL programs on Windows PC – there’s no need to wait for the NPU hardware to become available.

The PPL Workbench includes advanced features such as:

  • Graphical breakpoints and single step on PPL rule, expression, and/or action
  • Watch/Display packet fields, PPL built-in values, and user data structures
  • Debug and simulation of all PPL Event types, including Startup and Exception
  • Input/Output packet streams from file or network interface
  • Input and output packet logs
  • Exception notification

Using the PPL Workbench can greatly increase productivity and reduce the overall development cycle time and expense by:

  • Allowing NPU applications to be created, debugged and simulated before prototype hardware is available
  • Helping engineers detect and fix programming errors much sooner in the development process
  • Reducing the number of hardware prototypes required

The PPL Workbench supports all NPU models and runs on standard Windows PCs.

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