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IP Fabrics is a privately held United States company that provides network visibility, compliance, and analytics solutions to network operators, enterprise, and government agencies. We leverage core competencies in multicore software development, deep packet inspection, network application decoding, and advanced analytics to provide solutions that produce actionable intelligence useful for network and business planning, regulatory compliance, security, network forensics, and monetization.


IP Fabrics’ customers include telephone companies & cooperatives, cable operators, wireless & satellite network operators, VoIP providers, over-the-top services companies, systems integrators, utilities, enterprises, municipalities, and government agencies. If you operate a network or provide network services and want better network visibility, regulatory compliance, or analytics, IP Fabrics can help.


P Fabrics has a successful track record of providing innovative solutions that increase security and profitability for our customers. We were founded by a team of executives and technologists from RadiSys Corporation with corporate backgrounds at IBM, Intel, Raytheon, Microware Systems, and Tekelec. Through our history, IP Fabrics has:

  • (2005) Developed and shipped an innovative Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) virtual machine and parallel programming language for multicore network processors.
  • (2007) Leveraged our DPI technology to develop and deploy the DeepSweep™ all-in-one CALEA compliance product used by thousands of network operators throughout the United States.
  • (2009) Developed email, web, and social media decoders and launched the DeepProbe™ Deep Packet Inspection IP probe for 1GbE and 10GbE networks.
  • (2011) Developed and released OpenIntelligence™ – an open DPI software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to write custom decoders and applications.
  • (2013)Developed Java-based DPI software and CyberInsight™ network analytics environment.
  • (2014+) Added TunnelBox remote traffic access, WebRTC, and Wi-Fi capabilities

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