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IP Fabrics has a suite of network surveillance system and sofware products built on its innovative DAPI technology

TunnelBoxTM Remote Traffic Access Appliance TunnelBox is remote traffic access appliance that can be configured from a central location to deliver complete bidirectional IP traffic streams from a remote location to a central location for advanced diagnostics, customer support, regulatory compliance, and security applications. TunnelBox connects passively to the network and eliminates processing […]

DeepProbeTM Advanced Real-time Network Visibility Appliance is an intelligent deep packet inspection and application decoding appliance scalable from “rough” to “fine” traffic visibility, provides configurable alerting on user defined network events in real-time, and is infinitely adaptable to identify and process custom or future network services and applications. Tunable Traffic Visibility provides rough-to-fine grain traffic visibility […]

DeepSweepTM is a proven and fielded multi-purpose appliance that provides CALEA lawful intercept compliance and can also be used for better visibility into your network. DeepSweep turns a pure cost sink into a profit center by enabling for lower costs, better customer experience, and new services revenues […]

CyberInsightTM Analytics Tailored to Your Needs CyberInsight is an analytics solution that enables network providers and enterprise IT administrators to easily analyze and extract insights about network behaviors or perform network forensics. CyberInsight aids network operators and administrators in their efforts to increase customer satisfaction, profitability, lower operational costs and perform network-based threat detection and analysis. […]

Flexible, Adaptable, Application Decoding. An important component of deep packet inspection is application decoding capabilities. Its one thing to be able to identify applications and extract meta data, but adding the capability to track session state and user interactions within those applications adds a significant layer of complexity. And it’s this – the ability to […]

The OpenIntelligenceTM software development kit (SDK) is the first open software framework that transforms the DeepProbe from an intelligent IP probe to an open development environment platform. OpenIntelligenceTM allows IP Fabrics, 3rd parties, or DeepProbe users to write custom decoding modules for localized or specialized services. The OpenIntelligenceTM SDK comes with […]

IP Fabrics is an experienced scrum agile development team with a large library of capabilities to engage cost-effectively with your organization. Our core competencies of excellence include: Concurrent programming for multicore processors; Cavium OCTEON network processor software development; Deep Packet inspection and network application decoding; Social media network protocols and applications; WebRTC. […]

IP Fabrics is a virtual extension of your organization. We offer ongoing support, training, and maintenance programs for all of our products that include hotline access, issue submission & tracking and free software upgrades for licensed packages[…]

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