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CyberInsightTM Analytics Tailored to Your Needs

CyberInsight is an analytics solution that enables network providers and enterprise IT administrators to easily analyze and extract insights about network behaviors or perform network forensics. CyberInsight aids network operators and administrators in their efforts to increase customer satisfaction, profitability, lower operational costs and perform network-based threat detection and analysis.


  • Open, Interoperable
    CyberInsight is designed as a high performance, highly scalable network analytics and discovery platform. A variety of external data can be imported to provide a “big picture” view of the network and its users.
  • Scalable & Extensible
    CyberInsight scales from small to large network topologies using a single central server or a cloud-based environment. Deploy and use only the features you need and add more when they can be monetized.CyberInsight incorporates state of the art flow analysis that includes Web 2.0 and smart phone communications, classification engine, real-time views, identity management, relationships, social network analysis, geographic views, visual queries and full-text search. Rights and roles can be assigned on an individual user basis.
  • Perfect Fit Solution
    We tailor the CyberInsight platform to your specific network forensics, operational cost savings and revenue generating analytics needs. We listen to your requirements, propose a forensics, analytics, and compliance solution, then work within your budget to provide a perfect fit solution.
  • Comprehensive Support
    IP Fabrics provides best-in-class training, support, and deployment guidance.

Analytics is Important for Future Growth

“The combined impact of the Nexus of Forces – cloud, mobility, social, and information – will lead to upheaval and change for the telecommunications industry, leading to new opportunities as well as challenges”

Gartner Group Hype Cycle for the Telecommunications Industry

Gartner goes on to state that IT must become a new business enabler rather than a support function and will need to involve itself more in services involving analytics, client experience, mobile applications, and more.

Making the transition from IT support function to business enabler requires a partner with a product portfolio that includes remote traffic access, network intelligence, regulatory compliance, and flexible analytics. Your partner must also have a collaborative mindset to plan, design, and implement the right solution that meets your specifications.

IP Fabrics has the full line of remote traffic access, deep packet inspection, real-time alerting, and comprehensive forensics and analytics capabilities to meet your needs now and into the future.