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DeepSweepTM is a deep packet inspection appliance that implements lawful intercept access, mediation, and management functions to provide CALEA safe harbor regulatory compliance for communications service providers and is also useful for customer support and analytics tasks.

  • Complete Regulatory Compliance
    Validated compliance with United States CALEA standards by the FBI CALEA Implementation Unit (CIU).
  • Cost-effective, multi-use appliance
    Lowest total cost of ownership of any solution on the market. Additional Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities turn a CALEA compliance cost sink into a profit center for tailored customer support and analytics applications.
  • High Performance Architecture
    Multicore software architecture and high performance network processor acceleration for up to 10GbE networks.
  • Rapid Time to Value
    Connect a few copper/fiber Ethernet cables, add a route to law enforcement, and you’re done. Simple, intuitive web browser GUI enables easy configuration and execution of law enforcement intercept orders.
  • Comprehensive Support
    IP Fabrics provides best-in-class training, support, and deployment guidance. We’ll be there to help you execute your intercept orders quickly and easily. Annual support covers hardware, software, and help with changes as your network grows.

Non-Compliance is Risky and Expensive

The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) was put into law to facilitate law enforcement ability to conduct electronic surveillance. The law requires communications service providers to have the ability to deliver internet activity and call signaling and/or content when presented with a subpoena. Penalties for noncompliance can reach ten thousand dollars per day.

CALEA is a critically important tool that enables law enforcement agencies to effectively fight terrible crimes that utilize the internet like child abduction, drug trafficking, and identity theft. CALEA compliant service providers are providing an invaluable service to help prevent these crimes from originating from and reaching their communities.

Unified Management, Access, and Mediation

In order to be compliant, providers must address subpoena management, access, and mediation functions. DeepSweep™ implements all three:

  • Secure web browser interface to configure and manage subpoenas.
  • Deep Packet Inspection processes traffic up to 10GbE full duplex to match traffic to a subpoena.
  • Mediation output compliant with ATIS T1.IAS broadband internet and T1.678 Voice over IP (VoIP) standards.

In most cases, network components claiming CALEA compliance only implement the access function. DeepSweep can be used to interface with those components and provide the management and mediation components necessary for CALEA compliance.

More than CALEA: Turn Cost into Profit

DeepSweep™ contains a deep packet inspection (DPI) engine and application decoders that provides a traffic visibility foundation for revenue-generating custimer suppoter, forensics, security, and analytics services. Additional decoders for email/webmail, social media, and web traffic processing provide general to fine-grain visibility into your network. DeepSweep can feed analytics tools from IP Fabrics, third parties, or open source to provide deep understanding of high value customers, usage patterns, an extract valuable information that can be monetized and utilized internally.