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Software Development Services

IP Fabrics is an experienced scrum agile development team with a large library of capabilities to engage cost-effectively with your organization.

Our core competencies of excellence include:

  • Linux
  • Concurrent programming for multicore processors
  • Cavium OCTEON network processor software development
  • Deep Packet inspection and network application decoding
  • Social media network protocols and applications
  • WebRTC
  • Lawful intercept standards

Language proficiencies include C/C++, Java, and Go.

If you have a project that requires experienced, capable, and innovative communications software development, IP Fabrics is the best in the industry.

How it Works

When you engage with IP Fabrics, you become a stakeholder for the project. The IP Fabrics product owner will work with you to understand the business requirements and create the scrum agile user stories that realize those requirements. Once estimated, IP Fabrics will provide an estimate for the project citing any dependencies, roadblocks, assumptions, and risks. As a stakeholder, you’ll also be involved in the prioritization of features.

At the end of each 2-week cycle you will be presented with the summary of the work completed and a demonstration of the capabilities. You will have the option to take delivery of these intermediate software milestones for integration within your project. If changes are needed, there isn’t an expensive or time consuming change request order process – we simply adjust the user stories as appropriate and keep developing.

Billing typically occurs in two week cycles, but can be extended to four week cycles if needed.

Contact IP Fabrics now with your project information and let us help you be successful!