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TunnelBoxTM Remote Traffic Access Appliance

TunnelBox is remote traffic access appliance that can be configured from a central location to deliver complete bidirectional IP traffic streams from a remote location to a central location for advanced diagnostics, customer support, regulatory compliance, and security applications.

  • No Network Overhead
    TunnelBox connects passively to the network and eliminates processing overhead from in-line network infrastructure.
  • Efficient, Cost-effective Packet Tunneling
    TunnelBox extracts IP streams of interest from a one gigabit link and tunnels them to the desired host. Eliminate trips to remote sites and risk associated with moving expensive test, diagnostics, and regulatory compliance equipment.
  • Easy to Install and Use
    Simple cabling to existing SPAN/mirror port or Ethernet tap. Easy to use utility to configure any remotely located TunnelBox from a central location.

Increase Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Costs

Test, diagnosis, and monitoring distributed networks present significant challenges to service providers and IT departments. Adequate test facilities located at each site isn’t feasible. Remote locations may be miles away, requiring travel expenses and delays getting to the sites. Customer problems at a remote site take a long time to diagnose and fix which translates to bad customer experience and increased risk of subscriber churn. Enabling debug information in the routers slows down the network and doesn’t provide a complete picture to diagnose specific session problems.

The solution to the remote traffic access problem is a low cost device that eliminates network processing overhead and can be installed at a remote location with the ability to be remotely configured to extract IP traffic streams of interest and tunnel them to a central location for test & diagnostics, QoS analysis, regulatory compliance (CALEA) or enterprise IT monitoring (data loss prevention or security) applications.


Sometimes NetFlow isn’t Enough

Netflow is a common way network administrators debug and analyze traffic flows from distributed network components. NetFlow provides statistical information about unidirectional packet flows. NetFlow sends packets periodically for each unidirectional flow with ingress interface, source/destination IP addresses/ports, IP protocol, and IP type of service. However, NetFlow does not have the ability to deliver complete, bidirectional IP traffic streams which is needed for a number of more advanced diagnostics, analytics, regulatory compliance, and network security monitoring tasks.

Simply connect the remotely location TunnelBox input to a gigabit Ethernet tap or router/switch mirror or SPAN port, connect the output to a network that can reach a central Tunnelbox location, plug in the power, and the unit is installed. Use a command line utility on the centrally located TunnelBox to control IP traffic flows from any remote TunnelBox location.

Network Intelligence & Analytics Product Portfolio

TunnelBox is part of a complete network intelligence and analytics product portfolio available from IP Fabrics. Additional products in the portfolio include:

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  • DeepProbe DPI & application decoding probe
  • CyberInsight Analytics correlation and visualization software

How TunnelBox Works