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Enhancing Educational Experience

Communication is key to innovation and learning. Communication between students, faculty, staff, and local enterprise facilitates a vibrant, fertile environment for learning that enhances student experience and increases the effectiveness of university staff and faculty.

Wi-Fi facilitates effective communication among students, faculty, and staff. Virtually every smart device has Wi-Fi connectivity, making Wi-Fi the de-facto standard when it comes to smart device communication.

Wi-Fi can also be a tremendously valuable resource for university executives to make informed decisions that can dramatically enhance student experience, faculty effectiveness, asset use, and operational cost reduction.


IP Fabrics can provide tailored analytics solutions that can increase educational quality through effective use of analytics.

The DeepProbe deep packet inspection appliance serves dual roles as security and threat detection system while providing network information that can be used to increase the educational experience on campus.

The CyberInsght Campus solution can monitor campus Wi-Fi networks, anonymize the data, and provide reports on communications circles, asset utilization, student movement, and attendance trends.

Demographics can assess needs on campus and monetize university sports venues. Enhance your campus today!