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Enterprise IT Requires Greater Visibility

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and increased utilization of cloud and social networks challenge enterprise IT departments to control and identify information leaks, security threats, and unauthorized access. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems only address corporate hosts and logs. An application inspection and analytics environment is needed to provide the visibility needed to understand web and cloud interaction within the enterprise.


DeepProbe™ enables real-time corporate monitoring and control to identify misuse, information leaks, or “outside the norm” use profiles for advanced control, monitoring, and retention of web and social media interactions.

DeepProbe™ can provide the web and cloud security needed to ensure safe, effective use of social media within the enterprise environment.

Business Intelligence is also supported by providing information to recognize trends and utilize public information and sentiment on the web and turn it into higher revenues. IT departments are better informed of enterprise web application use to make informed infrastructure planning decisions.

Placing the DeepProbe next to a web crawler and performing search term identification can gather sentiment, comments, or product review information for your company or competitors.

CyberInsight provides the graphical portal into how the enterprise uses web and social media. Dashboards provide quick access to key metrics while the drill-down interface provides detailed views and information for network forensics tasks.