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A Washington Post report estimated the annual cost of cybercrime and economic espionage to the world economy at more than $445 billion dollars – almost 1 percent of global income. Combating crimes like intellectual property theft and financial data breaches requires advanced network visibility and analytics solutions capable of advanced correlations, mapping communications circles, and tracing network events back to the source of the crime.

IP Fabrics’ DeepProbe™ is capable of high-speed packet inspection of one and ten gigabit networks, application level filtering and matching of various parameters to identify possible security breaches or out-of-the-ordinary network activity.

Coupling the real-time traffic identification with the CyberInsight analytics solution provides a powerful tool to identify and prevent cybercrime activity.

The combination of IP Fabrics DeepProbe deep packet inspection appliance with CyberInsight analytics provides a powerful environment for the real-time collection and alerting of security events coupled with Big Data storage of events on the network with comprehensive analysis and correlation of the network data.

The DeepProbe provides access to the network data and filters out irrelevant traffic in order to optimize storage and analysis of the network data. The DeepProbe can be configured to deliver the entire data stream or individual IP or call data records for full content or data retention security and forensics applications.

IP Fabrics also provides software, products, consulting, development services, and training to help government and law enforcement agencies quickly identify and adapt to new and emerging threats.