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Service Provider Growth

Voice, SMS, and broadcast revenues are declining. New Wi-Fi, SDN/NFV, analytics, and over-the-top (OTT) services represent opportunities for explosive growth.

Service providers are challenged to navigate new and emerging trends to identify sustainable business models and strategies, develop new partnerships to execute, and provide new services that will fuel growth.

Gartner Group describes this as the “digitization” of communications. Service providers must identify opportunities within this evolving service provider ecosystem and develop new partnerships and solutions to achieve growth. Those that attempt to maintain status-quo will face falling revenues and an eroding customer base. Those that embrace the change will position themselves for significant growth.

Gartner cites three key strategies:

The Smart Utility strategy positions the service provider as the “smart network” transport service that also provides regulatory compliance and security services.

The Platform Enabler strategy adds network analytics and programming interfaces to give access to network information for rich network services and applications.

The Diversified Service Provider strategy moves into adjacent markets through acquisitions and joint ventures to provide new services like application development, media and content, and/or new technology development and managed services.

IP Fabrics provides software, products, consulting, and training to help service providers identify and effectively execute on their strategies to be successful within the evolving service provider ecosystem.

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