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WebRTC Ushers in a New Era of Communications

Gartner Group issued a market trends research paper in November 2013 that stated, “After decades of stagnation, the voice landscape is undergoing a seismic shift. Migration is in full swing to richer IP-based communication, and Web real-time communication is expected to significantly disrupt the value chain. CSPs should reassess their strategy to avoid being disenfranchised”.

One of the key findings of that research was “As Web real-time communication (WebRTC) disrupts and transforms the communications landscape, amplifying the revenue decline, CSPs struggle to fully understand the role they will play in the new value chain”. CSPs are globally seeking to find alternative ways to monetize voice; for example as a feature or function of innovative apps or solutions.

WebRTC enables web application developers (and web browsers) to implement multimedia applications without requiring additional plug-ins. The goal of WebRTC is to create a real-time communications platform that is interoperable across web browsers, operating systems, and devices. WebRTC contains voice engine, video enging, and transport services with APIs for browser makers and web application developers.

For more information and downloads of tools and software, visit www.webrtc.org.

Another great resource for WebRTC is www.webrtcworld.com.


IP Fabrics DeepProbe Supports WebRTC

The DeepProbe supports recognition and inspection of the WebRTC protocols. WebRTC traditionally rides over the HTTP/HTTPS protocol and the WebRTC decoder developed for DeepProbe highlights the modularity and flexibility of the deep packet inspection engine within the DeepProbe and DeepSweep products.

Compliance and WebRTC

WebRTC promises to breathe new life into voice and videoconferencing services and the proliferation of the technology has begun.

It’s important to remember that these services fall under the same CALEA compliance lawful intercept laws as voice over IP or other telephony service. The IP Fabrics DeepSweep CALEA compliance sytem is fully capable of providing compliance, even within WebRTC service environments.

Using DeepSweep for WebRTC lawful intercept compliance is cost-effective with the ability to use the DeepSweep for a number of other monitoring, diagnostics, customer response, and analytics applications. DeepSweep turns a compliance cost-sink into a valuable asset that reduces cost and enables new services.