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The Explosive Growth of Wi-Fi

In a recent Gartner Group research paper on Wi-Fi, they mention:

“All communications service providers need a strategy to address Wi-Fi, as what started as a quick fix for offloading busy cellular networks has now become a mainstream access method for smart devices”

Wi-Fi is experiencing explosive growth. The Cisco VNI projects Wi-Fi will surpass wired and mobile traffic in 2016. Network operators are deploying carrier grade Wi-Fi to extend reach, increase customer loyalty, and provide valuable services.


Service providers considering Wi-Fi need:

  • Lawful intercept compliance.
  • Applications and services that monetize Wi-Fi.
  • Leverage Wi-Fi to utilize their cloud infrastructure.

Gartner Group also mentions that analytics on Wi-Fi infrastructure can transform and operating expense into a profit center.

IP Fabrics is a valuable partner for carrier grade Wi-Fi:

  • IP Fabrics has validated lawful intercept compliance products
  • IP Fabrics has analytics capabilities that can monetize Wi-Fi
  • IP Fabrics solution can run within a cloud infrastructure

Example Wi-Fi Use Case in Retail

One example of Wi-Fi use cases are in the retail sector. There is a lot of work revolving around Beacon technologies to “reach out and touch” shoppers when they are in range of the beacon. However, push services based on location only is not enough.

Customers are expecting free Wi-Fi and retailers providing the service struggle to get value for the investment. According to recent statistics:

  • 79% of shoppers say availability of Wi-Fi influences where they shop (Google Shopper Marketing Council)
  • Anonymized mobile devices limit knowledge of user to proximity.
  • Consumers require relevant communication – “near me” is not enough.

Consumers want to enhance the brick and mortar shopping experience with digital inspiration. Wi-Fi location owners want to better understand shoppers to better serve their customers. Brands want information on shopper behavior to more effectively market to them.

The IP Fabrics CyberInsight Retail solution addresses all three needs.


Service providers can deploy a DeepProbe at the internet back-haul of the Wi-Fi. The DeepProbe can process communications activity in real-time, anonymize the data, and feed this information to the CyberInsight analytics platform for analysis. The CyberInsight Retail component provides valuable information about shopper behaviors to location owners and brands which can be used to provide better service and increase sales.

There is even a guest interaction component where users can use already available apps like Twitter and Facebook to communicate with the store to search for items, ask for suggestions, and receive coupons and information for the store. The CyberInsight retail environment is a complete Wi-Fi analytics solution that has value for Wi-Fi location owners, network operators, consumers, and brands.

Wi-Fi Beyond Retail

The CyberInsight analytics environment can be applied to a variety of vertical market applications. Information is critical in all markets and the CyberInsight solution provides the keen insight to turn analytics information into actionable intelligence.